Many people in the United States are utilizing their right to bear arms, and have firearms on their property or in their homes. Many people have these firearms as protection so they are able to keep their family safe should someone break in. Many other people are collectors, and keep a large collection of firearms that may be unique, valuable, or antique.

There are many good reasons to keep your firearms secure if you have them in your home. If your weapons are in firing condition, such as if you plan on using them in an emergency, it can be a good idea to keep these locked away from any small children that might not understand the important of weapon safety. If you are a collector and your weapons are not in firing condition, it’s still a really good idea to keep them stored and secured so they stay in good condition and aren’t damaged.

When it comes to storing your firearms, you have many different options. The most popular of these are home storage units that are secure and locked. These cabinets are sometimes designed to store a selected caliber or style of weapons, such as a cabinet that is designed to store multiple long barreled weapons, or smaller units that are designed to store a hand-held weapon. No matter what type of firearm you have in your home, you can easily find the perfect type of storage container for it that will keep it securely locked away until you need it.

One of the easiest ways to find the perfect type of firearm storage container is by looking on the internet and seeing what your options are for the specific caliber of weapon that you own. By looking up storage containers online, you can easily see what the distinct advantages and disadvantages of each particular container or cabinet are. If you want to safely store your weapons but still display your collection, you might consider purchasing a cabinet that has glass doors which allow you to see the weapons stored inside. These cabinets are often beautiful decorated and made from wood, and make beautiful additions to the décor of your home.

If you plan on storing a smaller weapon that you have in your home for safety purposes, rather than for decorative purposes, you might consider smaller types of gun safes, which can easily fit into your bedroom and can be tucked away out of sight but still accessible for you to use in cases of emergency.

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antique firearms - High Fives

Photo montage set to antique firearms’ “High Fives,” from their debut CD – now available via iTunes, Amazon mp3, CD Baby, etc. Bradan Dotson, former frontman for “Whiskey Kills the Butterflies,” has teamed with his brothers Parker and Galen, plus bassist Chandler Brewer, to produce a new, eclectic, alt/indie rock sound – underscored by Bradan’s unique vocal style. Recorded at First Class Studio in Fuquay-Varina, NC – co-produced by W2 and engineered by Prophet.

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