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The war in Afghanistan is something that we all have to think about, and the jobs that the soldiers on the front line do touch us all. But no more than for Bill Richards, the sixty two year old owner of a social club, who donated his 1972 Rolls Royce silver shadow to a raffle after being moved to tears by the Help For Heroes cause.

The prize was one by a car enthusiast in Clitheroe who had bought two one pound tickets in the raffle, but it’s a bit of a kick in the teeth for the old owner. The car was worth fifteen thousand pounds, and the raffle only raised five thousand for the charity, meaning that it would have been more beneficial for him to have sold it and given the money directly to the charity. The prize was given when a fifteen year old boy and his mother were doing a car boot sale to make money for the charity. Mr Richards approached the young lad and offered his car for the auction, as he had seen adverts raising money for the charity and had been moved to tears. His late wife, who died of cancer late ron in the year had suggested he give the old car for an auction to do something positive for the charity if he felt it was close to his heart. Mr Richards also wanted to honour her memory and felt it was the best way to do it.

The car had eighty thousand miles on the clock, and wasn’t being used, and was won by classic car enthusiast Laurie Harrison, a fifty nine year old jazz musician.

Mrs McMaster, the mother of the child who managed to obtain the car for his action said “I’m so proud of my son and it’s amazing to think that he was able to land himself a Rolls Royce as a prize when most people give us jars of jam and bottles of wine”.

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