ROLLAG 2006 – CLIP 2 ROUGH CUT A description of the WMSTR from a fans web page: Rollag Minnesota – The Splendid Home Of The Western Minnesota Steam Thresher’s Reunion Rollag, MN – Labor Day Weekend, 1997 Part 1 – The Setting Rollag is a jewel of a show that shines radiant in a gorgeous setting – rolling wheat and hay fields rimmed by lakes and ponds, green pastures, fertile plowed ground, and and on one side the town with its two handsome church steeples. For me the centerpiece was the farmstead. Sure took me back to my younger days on the farm. The show bustles with a variety of activities that recall the area’s past. I watched steam engines pulling plows and powering a sawmill that received logs raised from the water nearby onto horse drawn wagons. A steam locomotive and tractor-drawn wagons were moving around the large site almost continuously to help the folks attending get about to see everything. In one building there was a fine collection of miniature engines. Another building (by the RR tracks) is a small town train station. Opening the door of that wooden establishment is like stepping back in time 100 years. It has authentic wall signs, telegraph set, wooden benches, coal stove and the rest of the trimmings from another age. As with most such events, a good part of the fun for me is watching the volunteers explaining how the relics from their (allright, our) childhood and before operated. While I was sitting in the train station, a volunteer my

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