Progressive car insurance quotes are very user friendly when retrieved online. Their website gives you the choices of what type of coverage you may take. Whether comprehensive, collision or forms of personal liability, the drop down boxes are neat and clear. Once you have made your choices, you may go back to change something in order to see what amount your rates will rise or fall. This can even be done at a later date. You can, as their advertising campaign states, design your policy around what you are comfortable with in the way of meeting your budget needs. Their quote is what you will pay. No hidden costs here.

If you choose to get your quotes by phone, it is just as simple and hassle-free as via the internet. The salespeople will guide you through and explain all possibilities without pressure for you to take unneeded coverage. They are friendly and pleasant and no question is too silly for them. They will explain anything until they are sure you understand the specific coverage.

Progressive will give you a discount if you have other forms of insurance with them. They will not hide the possibilities of giving you other discounts, which entail being married, a homeowner and having taken the defensive driving course. These questions are asked during the quote process in order to facilitate your receiving an added discount.

When you compare their quotes with other companies, they are in-line or below the rates charged by competitors.

When you seek any Progressive car insurance quotes, you are given the option of a variety of payment plans. Should you pay all at once there is a considerable savings available. In addition you have up to two weeks to change your mind and take the savings with a one-time total payment, and they make this quite clear.

Never have car insurance quotes been made easier than by Progressive. Their advertising campaign is truly honest. No bait and switch here. As an added bonus should something happen later on they are true to their word in the coverage they promised during the quote process.

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