Antique cufflinks would always make great gifts for whatever occasion. But why antique cufflinks? Hundreds of cufflinks are manufactured each day as there are new designs coming out too. And they’re all brand new – never been used. Would they not make a good gift too? Of course. But antique cufflinks are way different. They hold some value that brand new cufflinks don’t have.

What’s with antique cufflinks? They’re really old and perhaps, outdated sometimes.

Here’s what.

Antiques are timeless beauties no doubt. Imagine the love and care and devotion put therein for so many years just so to preserve the antique in its best condition. And mind you, antique cufflinks, like any other jewelry, need extra care for them to last all those years.

Even if they’ve been used countless of times decades or even centuries ago, antique cufflinks still deserve respect. They always have a story to tell. They hold so many memories and have witnessed so many events.

Most of the antique type, especially the very old ones, are also rare finds. Meaning, they’re one of a kind – perhaps just a few pairs left of a specific design. You’ll probably have a hard time finding another pair exactly as one.

Now just how old can these type of cufflinks be?

Some of these timeless cufflinks are fortunate to be century-old accessories. For example, there exist Victorian era cufflinks which dates back in the 1800s and 1900s.

Now another distinction of these antiques is that they’re really expensive pieces of jewelry. Their price is not only determined by the age of the cufflinks, but also by its finish. It’s not uncommon to find, especially among the few century-old cufflinks, antiques made of gold, not to mention the designs being lovely. If they happened to be studded with precious stones such as diamonds and gemstone that would definitely raise the price too.

Of course, cufflinks do evolve over time too, as they pass from one era to another. For example, gold cufflinks are classics ever since, but platinum cufflinks emerged predominantly in the late Victorian era around 1900s. If you get to buy them now, they’re relatively expensive. As for designs, antique cufflinks are distinguishable base on the dominant design of an era. For example, one era carries this particular design and so forth. A good jewelry historian or collector can distinguish that. And they differ in fashion and style too. Antique type of cufflinks can well reflect the attitude and fashion sense for a particular period in time.

A particular era for antique cufflinks may mean a period of 10 years or so, until the next wave of cufflink design comes. For example, the antique type may be classified as 1910, 1920s, or 1930s cufflinks. It is always assumed that the older the cufflinks, the higher the value. A typical pair of these precious antique jewelry can be priced at over a thousand dollars. If you have the money to spare, get at least a pair. Antique cufflinks make good investments too.

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