12 inch Glass Bottle – Remarkably elegant in every way the “Beautiful” Gift Bottle from Message in a Bottle is a vision to behold and will serve as a permanent reminder of your everlasting love.

The most beautiful things in life are the ones you love. Let your partner know how beautiful she is in your eyes and let her feel elegance in the airall through this ornately designed gift bottle.
Love is a lot about expressing; but how often is it that emotions overwhelm us leaving those love words stuck in the mouth. With V-day round the corner, it may just be that the moment you have been looking for is drawing in. Have a field day this Valentines with Message in a Bottles exotic love messages, which are embraced in the vitreous elegance of resplendent glass bottles, and bare your heart out with the genuine warmth of your feelings intact.
As much as being expressive counts, it is that special touch you look for when you let your heart out on someone. With Message in a Bottles V-Day gifts, you will not only tickle your spouses fancy but also live a moment to cherish for life. Need we say, Love is all about moments!
Whether you intend to pop the question behind-the-Valentine scenes, or wind your emotions to a pitch of love and warmth, or even make the air rosy between you and your love, Message in a Bottle does all of this and more– cuts a dash by reaching out to your beloved quite eloquently.

At any point in time, you can always re-live the magic woven years ago, through a memory you both had housed within the vitreous walls of Message in a Bottles V-day gift. Pick from our number of V-day bottle messages, and let your love hold on to the special tenderness of the moment forever.

Valentines Day Special offer $ 44.99/

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