Collecting antique bottles can be very exciting as the bottles can come in different colors and shapes.  Most collectors are into looking for colorful vintage bottles that they can display in their homes.  Collecting bottles can also be profitable so as long as you are able to determine which one is vintage and which one has just been recently made.  To start collecting antique bottles, you can search in your own home for bottles that may have been passed on from your grandmother. 

Some are even able to unearth vintage bottles right at their backyard.  Of course, this one would just rarely happen and the best place to look for these wonderful transparent creations is to rummage you home for any old bottle that could have been passed on to you from your grandparents.  Nevertheless, you can always start scouring the internet for sellers of vintage or antique collectible bottles. 

When you start looking for antique bottles, you need to be able to determine what is a free-blown bottle from a machine-manufactured one.  One way to distinguish a free blown is that it does not have a seam on the sides or around the shoulder of the bottle.  Once you have determined it, check if the bottle has a peculiar non-regular shape or if it is not evenly made.  This will indicate that perhaps the bottle was made around the mid-19th century. 

In the later era, glass bottle makers already spun the bottles to get an even shape and surface on the glass.  Those bottles with a seam tell you that these were made in a mold.  Typically, the seam is located somewhere just right near the top of the bottles since the top portion is also attached onto it subsequently.  Some bottles will also have seams from the shoulder section upwards like in a three-piece mold bottle which also does not have seams at the bottom of it.

For those who are collecting soda glass bottles, these are much easy to collect as typically soda manufacturers such as Pepsi and Coca Cola have a list of the bottles they have manufactured.  These can also be determined by its shape and in which country that specific bottle was distributed.  Like Coca Cola, they have created a set of redeemable soda bottle miniatures which were part of their marketing campaign.  Thus, it would be easier to keep track of the bottles manufactured by soda companies compared to other beverages.

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