One of the advantages of gold trading is that the price of gold always remains stable regardless of current economic status. While the price of U.S. stocks, treasury, bonds and bills are very much affected by the market and economic forces –meaning their price decrease in times of inflation, war, etc., – gold on the contrary isn’t affected, but quite surprisingly, it goes in opposite direction. This is the reason why many people nowadays, particularly small scale investors put more of their money on gold. This is a good opportunity for someone who happens to have collection of gold coins as part of their inheritance or previous investment. So, how to find serious buyers of gold coins?

Know The Value Of Your Coin
To know if you are getting the right value for your coin, do you research. A little research to gain knowledge about the kind of gold coins you have and their market value can spare you from the heartaches of selling them at the wrong price or at least defend yourself from buyers who may take advantage of your ignorance.

Certainly, there are many types of gold coins and each has its own price or value. So choosing the right buyer for the right merchandise is basically the key. Nevertheless, bear in mind that expecting too high a price for coins that exceed the current market value will limit the possibility of selling them in the shortest period of time. Be realistic.

Scrap Gold Dealers
In several cases, coins are sold as scrap. However, be mindful that scrap gold dealers will only pay you for the gold content of your pieces. This is because scrap gold dealers are usually refiners who only buy old gold coins and old broken jewelries for the purpose of melting them, extracting pure gold and molding into gold bars. Selling your gold coins to scrap gold dealers mean that the aesthetic value and rarity of your gold coin will not be considered. Your coins may unlikely be sold at their real value from scrap gold dealers but you can compromise since they are easier to find than private collectors. They are buyers that you will only look for in case you are in dire need of money in the quickest possible time.

Coin Dealers
To make the most out of your coins, be sure to trade with coin dealers. Coin dealers are usually private individuals (private collectors) or a company who collect vintage coins. These buyers will appraise gold coins and buy them accordingly. To be safe, find out whether the gold coin dealer is a member of any recognized association such as the American Numismatic Association. Members of such association usually subscribe to a code of ethics, which makes them trustworthy.

Selling your gold coins is one of the ways to make cash in times of financial crisis. However the success of getting the most out of your investment depends on finding the right buyer and selling at the right price; selling them at the right time is also another determining factor. But basically, knowledge of the actual value and presumptions of your gold is your best guide to ensure success in the trade.

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