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 Many families keep old objects from their ancestors without any ideas of their values

Antiquities for low prices in your new house

Author: Matthieu Cany

Are you looking for authenticity in your new house in France? There are many ways to find antiques stuffs at every price. Many families keep old objects from their ancestors without any ideas of their values.

It is sometimes difficult to recognize all the value of old objects or furniture. So, it seems that auctions might be the best way to be sure of what you are buying. The number of auctions, which are expensive, increases in France. They allow you to find certified antique objects. Of course, no need to go to Drouot’s auctions in Paris, you just need to like bidding. There are plenty of auctions in big cities in France organized by a notary. Here you can find artwork, furniture, jewels or old books.

But when spring comes in France, it is time for flea markets, a second market. Even if many people agree that it is just a way to clear out an attic, people often know what they are selling and customers know what they are buying. They totally consider the value of the objects sold. But sometimes, sellers have no idea of the value of their possessions so buyers can do real business. Flea markets take place most of the time during the week ends. Many websites list them according their regions or departments. Uzes, in Languedoc, will organize its flea market on June 6th 2010 from 7AM to 1PM.This is the place where you can buy antiquities at small prices. Of course, this is not the only way to find antiquities but it is an easy way.

If you are not an expert but enjoy the value of an antiquity or an artwork, there are also the antique dealers. They became popular during the nineties when French rediscovered their domestic heritage. Thereby, it is common to find antique dealers in small villages of only 1,000 people. No matter, the place where you are in France, you will be able to find objects and furniture from every part of the world. The main difference with the flea markets, except the prices, is that these dealers seek, buy, restore and finally sell. These people are specialists of the art history market. The plus of the antique dealers is that the antiquities that you buy are certified. If you are interested, you can attend an important antique fair in Bandol from June 18th to June 20th 2010 with 30 exhibitors.

Finally, there is a last option for buying antiquities: online. For sure, even antiquities cannot escape Internet. With auctions websites like Ebay, you can find almost everything that you want in only one click. Even Ebay created its own page specialized on Antiquities where you can bid or “buy it now”. For example, you can buy a bronze vase dating from the Napoleon III period for only €40! Isn’t it amazing? But be careful of what you buy or bid on these types of websites because you are not 100% sure of what you will receive. But no matter where you buy your antique object, you will be the unique owner of it!

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Matthieu Cany is Managing Director of Sextant French Property

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