Connection timed out (110) Chess, a complex game of skill and strategy, is one old game that is recognized and appreciated by millions of people. When we think of a common wooden chess set, most people would think of a checkered board and 32 game pieces, with each piece having a basic style. Adopted as a recognized standard, this simplified style is utilized in most commercially created chess sets, and together with time clocks, this is employed in tournaments. For many folks however, the recognized standard style of the typical chess set may seem unexciting, which is why fantasy chess sets have been created. A fantasy chess set is a type of chess set that utilizes fantasy-related themes and styles for various chess pieces and the chess board. From simplified styles, such as the use of shapes for the chess pieces, to luxuriant and highly intricate designs, such as the Lord of the Rings chess set or the Aliens VS Predator chess set, there are so many fantasy styles available. Commonly, a fantasy chess set is viewed as a collectible and a show piece more than a game board, which is why it is cherished by many collectors in spite of their commonly, extravagant price in different stores, like the fantasy crystal chess set. One can easily discover a wide range of fantasy-inspired styles in different antique shops, online outlets, and discount supplies outlets.

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