Start time:  2010-4-25


End time:  2010-4-28


Venue:  Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hall 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9


Contact:  Li Ling


Contact Phone:  86-755-33331166


Sponsored by:  Reed Exhibitions (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.


Sponsor:  Reed Exhibitions (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.


In April and October each year, from Reed organized in Shenzhen, China Gifts Home The first exhibition, “Gifts & Home Decor. China” would like some blooming, bringing together top manufacturers in China gifts home team, from across the country and even overseas, quality professional and group buyers, demonstrate an infinite beauty gifts home market. Through continued focus on the booming domestic market, to provide targeted Excellence Marketing Service, the “civility” is passed to the buyer, the “Business” delivered to the exhibitors to help clients achieve both brand and business value.




Title: Eighteenth China (Shenzhen) International Gifts, Handicrafts, Watches & Houseware Fair


Exhibition Date: April 25, 2010? 28 (Thursday to Sunday)


Venue: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hall 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9


Organizer: Reed Exhibitions (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.


Scale: nearly 100,000 square meters


Exhibition period: 1 year / session


Booth Number: Estimated 4,800


Exhibitors: estimated 2,900 home


Buyers: 12 million


Admission: 20 yuan / day limit (successful pre-registered visitors free of charge)


Open object: trade shows, visit the trade limit, declined to 18 years of age are admitted.


Support media Alibaba HC Network Li lot of Chinese suppliers


Found resources to win the world marketing and market gift gift edition




China Federation of Industry Chamber of Commerce Gift


SME Development Association in Guangdong Province


SME Bureau of Guangdong Province, Guangzhou, Guangzhou Post Post Ceremony


Stationery Industry Association Guangzhou


Ling Plaza, Guangzhou 10000


Germany into the Sporting Goods Market in Guangzhou Double


Guangzhou Exchange Square


Guangzhou Jin Jin Boutique Square


Guangzhou Garden of Friendship Stationery Toy Fine wholesale center


Guangzhou International Hotel Supplies City Shaxi


Guangzhou Baiyun World Leather Trade Centre


Guangzhou, Hong Kong Octopus international merchandise trade


City of Guangzhou elegant gift calendar Yiwu Small Commodities Wholesale City




Huizhou Branch of CCPIT Huizhou, China Chamber of International Commerce Chamber of Commerce


Chamber of Commerce in Guangdong high-tech purchasing groups


Shenzhen Toys Industry Association


Shenzhen Arts & Crafts Association


Shenzhen Arts and Crafts Association


Over Capitol Art Exhibition Center, Shenzhen, home accessories combined market


Shenzhen Sungang stationery toys wholesale professional market Shenzhen Century Craftwork Culture Square


Shenzhen city water shell jewelry


Shenzhen Huang Beiling Antique


Culture Association, Shenzhen, Sichuan Golden Trade Mission Gift World, Shenzhen billion


Shenzhen Education System, VIP Group


Shenzhen City Lions Club VIP Group


Find resources – Gifts & Crafts Magazine


Shenzhen Longgang Yiwu Small Commodity Wholesale City


Shenzhen City Arts are Air Quality National Technology Market


City of Shenzhen Hongji Technology


Shenzhen Kimberly comprehensive market arts and crafts boutique Gift World, Shenzhen Jing Li


Shenzhen Triple Crystal Jade Culture Village


China Dongguan Toy Industry Association International Chamber of Commerce


Dongguan Toy Association


Tea Trade Association Dongguan Dinghao Plaza, Dongcheng, Dongguan City


Dongguan City International Tea Exhibition Trade Centre


Dongguan Dinghao health products market


Dongguan City Sunshine Coast Tea Culture


Dongguan and Gifts Health and stationery wholesale market


Dongguan City East play toy and gift industry service center Changan, Dongguan City Public Source


International Jewelry Trade Center Foshan City, Guangdong Southern Commodity


China Ceramics City, Foshan


Shunde Home Appliances Industry Association Pingyang County, Zhejiang Province, business gifts Association


Zhongshan China Chamber of International Commerce Chamber of Commerce


Zhongshan Branch of CCPIT


Taiwan Investment Enterprises Association, Zhongshan City


Zhuhai toy and gift industry delegation to observe


Chaozhou Ceramics Industry Association


Chenghai, Shantou City, Guangdong Toy Association


Hong Kong Standard registration center


Tianjin toy and gift industry delegation to observe


VIP tour gift industry in Shanxi Province


Kunming Gift Industry Association


Wuhan City Arts & Crafts Association Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce Gift


Wuhan Branch


Business Gift Association of Fujian Province


VIP tour gift industry in Hebei Province


Shaanxi Provincial Federation of Arts & Crafts Association


Sichuan Federation of Industry Gift Industry Association


Gift Industry Association of Hubei Province


Gift Industry Association in Chongqing


Hangzhou Gift Industry Association Gift


Hangzhou City


Guizhou toy and gift industry delegation to observe


Liaoning toy and gift industry delegation to observe


Henan toy and gift industry delegation to observe


Toy and gift industry in South Study delegation


VIP tour gift industry in Heilongjiang Province


VIP tour gift industry in Shanghai


VIP tour gift industry in Hunan Province


VIP tour gift industry in Jiangxi Province


Gift industry VIP tour of Gansu Province


VIP tour gift industry in Shandong Province


VIP tour gift industry in Guangxi Province


VIP tour gift industry in Anhui Province

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