Anyone can go into a high class antique shop and spend thousands of dollars buying perfect antiques and maybe even hiring a designer to work with………Wait a minute, no they can’t, you see not everyone has thousands of dollars to spend. So with a little time and a small amount of patience you can find incredible  deals and put a little work into them and make your home look incredible like you went to a fancy antique shop and hired a fancy designer. Here’s how.

Okay, you might think I am crazy but I am not going to suggest anything that I haven’t done myself so without further adieu, check this out.

Trade your junk.
What did your neighbor just throw out ?
Trade his junk.

Trade your junk.

Go around your house,garage and basement and see what you have that you really don’t need anymore. Pack your wagon and take it to a couple of antique or flea-market dealers. You can either offer to sell it to them outright or trade it for store credit or an item you might be interested in. I know this works because I own a brick and mortar store and stuff comes in the door everyday and I am glad it does. About ten percent of my inventory comes in through the front door and if it didn’t I’d be in trouble with a lot less inventory. Dealers love this game as much as you do.

What did your neighbor throw out?

I know some people might think this is garbage picking and you are right. So what? Let me tell you a story about the first time I garbage picked. I came home from a music gig one night or should I say early morning about 2am and my next door neighbor had thrown out a leather recliner. I heaved in the back of my truck and took it to a guy I knew who sold things out of his barn and he gave me $ 50 for it.

I was hooked. The next item I found out at the curb was a nice oak drafting table. It was made in Chicago in 1939. Same guy gave me $ 60 for it but the truth is I should have kept it a little longer. It would have made a great table in the living room with a lamp on it.

Trade his junk…

If you decide not to keep your finds from the trash use them as trading bait. Again I can’t emphasize dealers love it when stuff comes in the front door. They love to barter and give store credit.

Now I am not saying you should go full time into picking because gas is a little on the high side and you most likely will lose in the long run due to that high cost. What I am saying is don’t pass by that opportunity . Look down the street on trash night. If you see an old jewel within reach, capitalize.

Well anyway that’s just one idea, and I hope you give it a try and remember your goal is to decorate your home with antiques and not just any old thing from the trash but antiques you like and will enhance your homes appearance. Make sure you bookmark this article and stay tuned for part 2 coming soon to an ezine near you.

After I retired and got bored I went back to buying and selling antiques and collectibles. At first it was just in co-ops but then I decided to go the brick and mortar route and opened up a shop. You can get a pretty good idea of my shop at

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