Today, people love to collect various things which are related to the history. There are many people who make a lot of efforts in gathering the ancient stuff. Generally, people love to collect the various original things related to the culture of previous era. Many people love to collect the antique objects which depicted bravery and at the same time looked royal. That is the reason which made people want to have beautiful and ancient swords.

Chinese swords symbolize the efforts made by the sword smiths in making the swords one of the splendid things. The swords were crafted with highly proficient skills. Traditional swords were embellished with attractive silver and gold work which was engraved on them. There were various art motifs used on the swords.

There are many swords which were made by some great sword smiths of china. But there are two types of antique swords which are famous in china from years. Those swords are known as Dao and Jian.

Jian is a sword which is double-edged. This sword was crafted by the sword smiths three thousand years ago. But now there are some contemporary Jian swords available in the swords shops. The antique Jian swords were shorter in length. They were made from bronze. The modern swords are longer in length and are more advanced then the ancient swords.

However, Dao is the other historic sword which has single edge.

It has a curved blade. This sword was originated approximately during the 14th century. It was a popular weapon used by the people during ancient period.

There were some other swords which were used by the people during some of the ancient Dynasties. These swords had a deep curved blade which used to be very sharp. The purpose of making these swords was to slash the enemy during the war.

There were also some swords which were used to be handled by both the hands. Miao Dao is the example of such swords which require both hands to be held properly. These types of swords were used during the Republican period. These were similar to the single edged Dao swords. Not only this, these swords had a very long hilt.

Wodao is also one of the swords from China. This weapon was also crafted in the ancient Dynasty. It was originated during 1300 – 1600 AD. This sword was inspired by some of the great Japanese swords. It included many similar skills which were used by the Japanese sword smiths to craft a Japanese sword. It is very similar to some of the famous Japanese swords. These are long swords with a slight curve. The blade of many Chinese weapons is straight towards the tip.

The Chinese swords were crafted and designed by keeping in mind the needs of the ancient warriors. The blades of many Chinese weapons were straight towards the tip during ancient era. But later these swords were replaced by the curved bladed swords. These curved bladed swords were perfect for the warriors. Generally, the Chinese and the Japanese swords were made with almost same methods.

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