Biometrics in terms of information technology is used to measure and analyze the human profiles using the finger prints, facial recognition, iris scans and so on. Biometrics is classified into two kinds; one being the verification and other being the identification.

Verification is performed by one to one mapping of the captured biometric with biometric database. Identification is performed by one to many mapping of the captured biometric with the biometric database. Most of the times identification process is employed for access control in the older days.

Now -a -days they are employed in network or PC, web applications, to avoid duplicate voting and so on. Most frequently used identification device is the finger print scanner. The device consists of a hardware device which scans the thumb or finger impressions the person and a software program which compares the impressions with that in the biometric database.

Voice recognition methods use microphone, sound card which are the hardware components and a software component to record and store the voice patterns. Face recognition is used to capture the face of a person and to compare the face with the biometric database for checking.

Biometric Id systems are developing fast. Many companies are deploying it now-a-days. But a fact to be considered is choosing the right device for their company. Biometric identification methods rule out the internal holes present in the security.

The technology is improving all the time and the cost of these devices are dropping down; very soon you can see these devices installed in most of the companies.

Anand Arun is an author living in India. He is an expert in biometrics technology and you can learn more details on his website biometrics security

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