Antique phone booths can be a classy addition to someone’s collection.

Antique Phone Booth in Modern Age

Author: Alden Alfred

Telephone has been one of the most influential inventions of the 20th Century; it has really decreased the distances between people and places. News from one place can easily travel to another place within a fraction of time. Phone booths used to be a common place at one time are a rarity nowadays with the advent of mobile phones and cellular services, hardly anyone ever uses the phone booths. As a result, many countries have stopped the facility of phone booths altogether. Now they can only be found in museums or as a collector’s item in private collections.

Whenever one thinks of phone booths, the typical old styled British red colored phone booths come to mind. They were colored red so they could be easily spotted by the roadsides. It is one of the most famous phone booths to date. Although antique phone booths are also available in classical wood frame and body, but the red phone booth has been widely popular among the masses. If you are an avid collector and you wish to find and buy antique phone booth, better check with the local telephone operator companies regarding the telephone booth you are looking for.

The earliest forms of phone booth were large rooms where a person was sitting to collect money from the users, rather than the coin system introduced later on. Antique phone booths can be a classy addition to someone’s collection. If you are really interested in buying antique phone booth, look for people selling them online or check your nearest antique shop and ask them about the previous phone booths auctioned by them. If you are lucky someone in possession might be willing to sell it to you, even if for an arm and a leg.

Many rich people these days take pride in buying old antique stuff, interesting and strange as well. They have large rooms where they show off their antique collection of different things they managed to buy from different auctions. If you are such a person, then money would not be an issue and if you are so serious on having antique phone booth for your collection, you can look online and if that does not help, you can hire someone with street smart and investigative skills to find antique phone booth for you in return for a handsome prize money. When you find one, you can install it outside your house for everyone to admire.

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