Antique Favor

The age of the antique can be determined by looking at the way the furniture is designed. Periodic antique furniture refers to those made from mid to late 1600s through the first half of the 19th century. A kind of furniture that possess a show and quality that transcends the bounds of the era or even the field of art is represents qualifies for masterpiece status of antique furniture according to the furniture expert.

Antique furniture is auctioned in luxury houses like Sotheby. Many periods of antique furniture overlap in-between. It can be seen that every subsequent period was influenced by the stylist of its producers. One such instance is the sale of a single mahogany secretary bookcase made by a well-known person.

A number of these fabulous creations are even signed by the makers. Antique furniture is impeccably handmade by skilled craftsmen.

Antique furniture simply does not mean old furniture but furniture of great quality and designer merit that has transcended the bounds of time.