The thrill of searching through mountains of someone else’s clutter for hours on end, and finding that one unique antique piece is what most hobbyists delight in. You’re able to hold in your hands a thing of the past. You try to imagine what was it like to use this item during the time of its making. You wonder what conditions did it have to endure and undergo to be where it is today. Why was it able to survive through the ravages of time? All of these questions run through your inquisitive mind, stirring up romanticized notions equivalent to the drama portrayed in movies and on TV.

Making Money

Making money through the selling of highly prized antiques is nothing new. People want to buy antiques, and there are other people willing to go out, find those sought-after antiques, then turn around and sell them. It works out nicely. There are those collectors which do this for a living, often becoming quite good and prospering from it. They seem to have a knack or sense of finding only specialized pieces, and are knowledgeable enough to avoid those antiques that won’t bring in a nice price.

The antique aficionados who buy from antique dealers have reasons why they’ve chosen a particular artifact or period piece.

History Buffs

When a history buff acquires an antique, they do it for the love of the story behind it. It could take them years to find that one item which is known for its historic value. They’ve spent innumerable hours researching how it came to be, often conferring with worldwide experts as to the why and wherefore of it. They’ll have such intimate knowledge of these types of antiques that they’ll be able to identify individual markings made upon it, however small it may be. It could be a certain pattern of scratches resulting from its manufacture, or subtly normal wear and tear acquired through everyday use.

Completing a Collection

Those collectors which choose to delve into antiques may have a taste for complete sets. They revel in the satisfaction of acquiring individual parts of a set piece by piece. Oftentimes, when wholesale antique dealers come across a set, they’ll either sell bits and pieces off for more money, or a client may only wish to have a particular part. Rather than losing the sale altogether, they may be apt to give in and separate the set. This results in a market for re-acquiring the individual pieces and thus completing the set as a whole once again. Displaying such antique sets is a matter of personal pride. They are showcasing how patient they were, or the lengths they’ve had to go through to reach their goal.

The world of antiques serves many interests, and of those interests, history buffs and set collectors are two market niches which are a challenge to satisfy. The thrill of the chase is worth millions to them, with some collectors having spent just as much to achieve their antique-filled dreams.

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