Collecting Antique Stuff

Collecting Antiques as hobby Fun or Investment

Antiques collection can be exciting hobby, as when the perfect vintage or antique treasure will rise up, most people do not know that antiques and vintage collectables can’t be ordered through a wholesaler it must be found by the private seller

Antiques resellers find some of their best merchandise from various resources such as antique fairs, garage sales, antique auctions and estate sales. And its required travel around and spend much time in the process to collect niche antique items.

Few major categories you should know about antiques:

Antiques stuffs are generally determined that are a minimum of 100 years old.

Collectibles items may less than 100 years old, but desirable because of quality of low density.

Vintage items are older than 50 years and is rarified and worthiness.

100 year definition came into being was from the US Customs Office when they were trying to figure a way to charge import duty on items from foreign countries brought into the United States.

Most common exercise to define “antique”, as any objects at least 100 years old, Collectibles are, generally speaking, the possible antiques of the future and generally less than 100 years old.  One exception to the 100 year rules for cars. Cars are generally considered to be antique when they are around 70 years or older.

Many antique lovers are interested in hand made objects which reflect a high degree of craftsmanship, design and are desirable because of its age, beauty, rarity and condition.  Another factor is the emotional connection that people have with items that their grandmother used or they remember from their childhood.

Antiquing as hobby Fun or Profit

The hobby of antiquing is the search for bargains whether at antique shops or garage sales. It’s the fun and excitement of the chase and being able to negotiate an acceptable price that is less than what you are really prepared to pay.

The word “antiquing” may also refer to the act of making an object appear older than it really is. This is deceitful but unfortunately it happens all too often, so if it seems too good to be true